Amalia Plays Protest Song “Renegades” at Climate Change Strike in SLO


On May 3rd, Amalia played at the Climate Strike that was held at the park across from the Fremont theatre in San Luis Obispo. The protest was organized by the SLO County Youth for Environmental Action and Morro Bay High School’s Students for Social Justice Club. Amalia was honored when she was asked to play her protest song, “Renegades,” that she also performed at the March walkouts for gun control the previous year and at the Women’s March in 2017. She feels as though music should be used to make positive change in the world and bring awareness on crucial issues. Climate change is a critical problem that her generation is faced with. In Amalia’s song, she sings “No one’s ever had to save the world before, they’re giving us something we can’t ignore.” She believes that in order to save the planet we have to act now. Generations before believed they needed to save the world but hers is the first that has to.