Amalia Appears on the Front Cover of Morro Bay Life Newspaper


Following Amalia’s performance at the Morro Bay Open Space Alliance, Amalia reconnected with Ruth Ann Angus who runs a non-violence peace organization and writes for the Morro Bay Life Newspaper. Amalia was asked if she could be featured in the newspaper and she was ecstatic to find that she was on the front cover! Amalia enjoyed speaking with Ruth Ann Angus, the interviewer, and is so honored to have an article in this month’s paper. The article discusses Amalia’s long term hopes for a career in music, dives into the meaning behind her song “Renegades, and explores her life apart from concerts and protests.

Amalia Plays Protest Song “Renegades” at Climate Change Strike in SLO


On May 3rd, Amalia played at the Climate Strike that was held at the park across from the Fremont theatre in San Luis Obispo. The protest was organized by the SLO County Youth for Environmental Action and Morro Bay High School’s Students for Social Justice Club. Amalia was honored when she was asked to play her protest song, “Renegades,” that she also performed at the March walkouts for gun control the previous year and at the Women’s March in 2017. She feels as though music should be used to make positive change in the world and bring awareness on crucial issues. Climate change is a critical problem that her generation is faced with. In Amalia’s song, she sings “No one’s ever had to save the world before, they’re giving us something we can’t ignore.” She believes that in order to save the planet we have to act now. Generations before believed they needed to save the world but hers is the first that has to.


Amalia Performs at the Annual Meeting for Morro Bay’s Open Space Alliance

The Morro Bay Open Space Alliance(MBOSA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to conserve land in and around Morro Bay. Amalia was asked by a member to perform at the annual meeting on April 25th. Growing up in Morro Bay, Amalia loved to be outdoors and explore in nature, she has lived in Morro Bay her whole life and hopes that the beautiful land is preserved. At the meeting, she performed her empowering song, “Renegades” and Forest Wars, along with her award-winning song, “The Simplicity of Things,” which emphasizes appreciating the simple things in life. It was very inspiring for her to watch the local community raise funds to support this cause and she hopes that others take action and save the land that is left.

Rotary Scholarship Fundraiser Concert at Windows on the Water


The Rotary Club of Los Osos hosted its Annual Scholarship Dinner at Windows on the Water on Sunday April 14th from 5-8pm.The event held a silent auction and raffle as well as live entertainment by Amalia. All proceeds benefit scholarships for Los Osos graduating seniors of Morro Bay High School. The Los Osos Rotary Club is a non-profit Service Club, that does Community & International Service. Amalia was delighted to support this cause because she knows many of the seniors this year and will be an incoming senior this fall.

Central Coast Music Convention


Amalia attended the 2019 Central Coast Music Con put on by Big Big SLO this March held at SLO Brew Rock. The event is for Venues, Promoters, Bands, Musicians, Event Planners, Music Businesses, and anyone else looking to connect with the local music industry. Amalia also went last year and really enjoyed networking and meeting other young musicians. This year she was asked to play in the Songwriter Showcase. She performed a 15 minute set following local musicians Dante Marsh and Noach Tangeras. Amalia set up a booth with her CD’s, email list, and business cards to network. The convention included a variety of workshops that Amalia attended and performances by other musicians. This was such a wonderful opportunity for Amalia to connect with the local industry and get her name out there!

Amalia Performs with Little Village Foundation at Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse

After performing at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival with the other artists on the National Protest album, “Raise Your Voice,” Amalia was asked to come back to San Francisco to perform at the showcase concert for the Little Village Foundation. The Little Village Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization and record label that searches out, discovers, records and produces music that otherwise would not be heard beyond the artist’s family and community. The LVF put the student protest album together following the Parkland shooting in February 2018. Amalia and 2 others from the album met at the infamous coffee house, Freight and Salvage, in Berkeley, San Francisco. Amalia enjoyed reuniting with her friends and adventuring backstage before the concert. She played her song “Renegades” from the protest album, which she wrote and performed at the Women’s March in 2016. Amalia’s song applies to many cultural conflicts her generation faces and represents the voice of the youth. She was able to connect with other talented musicians that collaborated with LVF and perform a wonderful show!


Amalia Wins for “Best Song” at Songwriters at Play Competition


The Morro Bay Wine Seller was one of the first venues that Amalia started playing live at in 2014. She gained performing experience every Thursday night at their open mic night which has given her confidence on stage. Though Amalia has moved on to her own solo concerts, she participated last night in the Songwriters at Play contest at the Morro Bay Wine Seller and played two of her newest songs: ¨Inked Tears¨ and ¨Breathing Fine¨. She competed against other adult songwriters and won the Best Song Award for her song Breathing Fine! She wrote the song about how heartbreak can feel like the end of the world but no matter what we get through it: ¨You said you couldn't live without me but i see that you're still breathing fine.¨ You can find a video of the performance on her Instagram(@amalia.songwriter).

Audience Moved to Tears at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Amalia along with 10 talented young  musicians from around the country  came together last Sunday to Debut their new album in front of Thousands at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.  Here is MIke Kappus review of the concert.  "The most moving set I've ever seen over 18 years of San Francisco's wonderful Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival was this Sunday by the students who participated in the Little Village Foundation album project, Raise Your Voice. An added plus was Bay Area Grammy winner, Fantastic Negrito acting as Emcee for the festival set. Little Village just released the album last Friday, a compilation of songs by students from across the country who participated in the anti-gun violence protests following the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The first track on the record is “Shine” by Parkland students, Sawyer Garrity and Andrea Peña and 10 other songs and spoken word pieces share powerful, personal messages by students standing up for change with their passionately delivered songs. All proceeds from the sale of the album benefit Everytown for Gun Safety.  Buy the record wherever you get your music, support the cause and bring it the profile it deserves. This is a crucial time to speak up and support others who are speaking up for all of us. In the meantime, make sure now that you are registered to vote and vote for those who prioritize people over party and profit.”